We are Currie Star Football Club, formed in 1997

We are a progressive Community Football Club based at Dovecot Park, Kingsknowe on the West side of Edinburgh. Dovecot Park has its own Clubrooms with changing facilities, kitchen and a store room. We have one 11 a side pitch and three 7 a side pitches where our teams play their home games. We also now use the Community Facility at Malleny Park, Balerno for training and matches as well as also using local pitches for some 11 a side games and various local primary and high schools for training.

The Club have established strong links with local partners including Play2Learn, Heriot Watt University and the SFA and these links are pivotal to the future of Currie Star.  We also have a partnership with Kingsknowe Golf Club to provide opportunities for our players to try golf at competitive rates.

The partnership with the SFA has helped the Club to attain the Quality Mark Community Award. The Quality Mark recognises and rewards high standards of football provision within youth football at grassroots level.

All Currie Star Officials and Coaches are volunteers and all Coaches hold relevant SFA qualifications and have been fully vetted by Disclosure Scotland.

All Currie Star players are given equal opportunities and although they are encouraged to be competitive the emphasis is always on respect and enjoyment.

  1. David Bradley-Bird


    Currie Star Football Club in collaboration with Play2learn is really  excited to be starting a girls football section. After consultation with the SFA we have formulated a plan to start offering female only coaching sessions with a view to establishing girls team. Our plan involves working up from the younger...
  2. David Muego

    Currie Star FC Masters 2017

    The inaugural Currie Star FC Masters in conjunction with Kingsknowe Golf Club will take place at Kingsknowe Golf Club on Thursday 10th August. The Masters is for teams of 3. All members of each team must have a handicap or at least have played golf previously and be of a...

Club History

We are looking for someone to chronicle our Club history and hope to have something to publish in the near future.  Please keep watching this space!

Roll Of Honour

Season       Team      Competition

2017/2018 Under 14 Ian Mackay Cup (Star team)

2017/2018 Under 14 Charles Kilvin Cup (Colt team)

2016/2017  Under 16  Division 2 League Cup (Star team)

2016/2017  Under 16  Division 2 League winners (Star team)

2015/2016  Under 15  Division 2 League Cup (Star team)

2015/2016  Under 13  Polar Foods Cup

2015/2016  Under 19  Hibernian Cup

2014/2015  Under 14  Pilmar Smith Cup winners

2013/2014  Under 16  Division 2 League Cup winners

2012/2013  Under 14  Ian Mackay Cup winners

2012/2013  Under 14  David Innes Cup winners

2012/2013  Under 13  Charles Porter Cup winners

2012/2013  Under 13 Tom Welsh Cup winners

2011/2012  Under 14  Edinburgh Embroidery Cup winners

2011/2012  Under 16  Division 3 League winners

2011/2012  Under 14  Division 3 League winners

2009/2010  Under 19  Division 2 League Cup winners

2008/2009  Under 17  Chairman’s Cup winners

2008/2009  Under 16  Division 3 League Cup winners

2007/2008  Under 15  Division 4 League winners

2007/2008  Under 15  Division 4 League Cup winners

Touchline Shouting

Touchline shouting, that’s all I ever hear,

I’m so confused and filled with fear.

I’m only ten years old and football should be fun,

But with all this noise I don’t know which way to run.

“Get back in defence!” my manager shouts.

Dad shouts, “Get up front and deal with these louts!”

Loud mouth supporter, who knows all the rules.

(He takes the rest of us for fools)

Shouts, “What are you doing lad? Your head’s in a spin!”

Is it any surprise, with all this din?

I am only a boy, so why do you all try to destroy, what I’d love to enjoy?

Football should be fun!

Copyright Simon Icke 1998



Play2Learn Sports Coaching are an independent organisation who offer a multi-faceted sports coaching service. Play2learn are extremely proud at being an official partner with Currie Star F.C.

The main area of focus for Play2Learn is at the foundation level of the club at ages 3-8yrs. The players can be introduced into this fun football environment at 3-4 years old. In these activities, role play and imagination based games where each child has a ball is the format. The children will also be introduced into multi ball matches that Play2Learn call “5 alive”.

The next stage of the foundation programme is an introduction to 4 a-side football. The players are usually age 5-6 years. These sessions start introducing skills and technical themes but with the main emphasis on FUN and EDUCATION. The “5 alive “games are advanced to Play2Learn’s “aeroplane football” model which helps the players visualise the 4-a-side format.

Level 3 of the foundation at the Club is provided on a Monday night for the 7 and 8 year olds. It follows Play2Learn’s philosophy of creating the right environment and allowing players to have fun and express themselves. At this level the players are encouraged to make decisions and make mistakes, through conditioned games or “brain games”. The final progression for our game format is termed ‘Diamond Football’ where players are encouraged to perform appropriate skills in appropriate areas of the pitch.

Play2learn also offer:

Football Camps in all school holidays.
Football Birthday Parties
Team Training
Individual skill based training
Petite Football for pre-school and nursery children
Girls Football, in association with Boroughmuir Thistle Girls F.C.
Goalkeeping Coaching
Youth Social Inclusion provision
Disability Sports
If interested in any of our partnership provisions or any general enquiries regarding Play2Learn, please do not hesitate to contact Shaneo at:

Email: Shane@Play2Learn.info
Mobile: 07952147577
Facebook: Play2Learn Sports Coaching