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Currie Star Football Club in collaboration with Play2learn is really  excited to be starting a girls football section. After consultation with the SFA we have formulated a plan to start offering female only coaching sessions with a view to establishing girls team. Our plan involves working up from the younger age groups. We plan to emulate our boys pathway which involves the first few years of coaching under the ausipices of the fantastic professional team at Play2learn. During those formative years we have volunteer coaches working alongside the professionals and gaining confidence and experience. Currie Star pays for the volunteers to complete as the SFA early touches coaching syllabus.

We are looking for volunteer female coaches to work alongside Play2learn in coaching young girls and ultimately to progress towards running a team and leading a year group. Since we  envisage first two years being supervised there is no requirement for previous playing experience. The only qualifications required are enthusiasm and a willingness to give up a limited amount of time to help progress young girls in the game and to help to build upon Currie Stars fantastic offering for boys and make the same available for girls.

If interested contact Ken Stewart kjstewart@doctors.net.uk

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