Play2Learn Autumn 2017

Autumn already! I can certainly feel the cooler air creeping in on us.

Well… what a summer it was for Play2Learn with over 100 kids on almost all of our Summer camps. It was great to see so many young, enthusiastic Currie Star kids attending the action packed footy camps.

It is also great to see we have over 100 kids attending our Saturday AM footy. Saturday morning is always a pleasure for the Play2Learn coaches with keen kids and supportive parents.

The 2011s is an age group that certainly have a few characters in it and definitely helps eliminate the Saturday morning tiredness.  The young players have really got to grips with the ‘aeroplane positions’. It is pleasing to see not only the coaches but the players helping the newer kids to under the ‘aeroplane positions’. Keep up the good work boys and girls.

The 2012/13/14s numbers have not stopped rising since the summer. This is a huge thanks to all the parents for helping get our name out there J Not only a thank you to the parents but also the kids. The smiles and laughs we get from these age groups help to make it enjoyable. It is all about fun at this age group whilst developing basic skills and a love for the game. The 2012s have now been doing ‘aeroplane positons’ for a couple months and they are really getting to get to grips with it, well done J The 2013/14s always finish with a fun imaginative game that involves dribbling, goalkeeping, tackling and scoring.

Last Saturday session is going to be 21st October. We will be going indoors at Sighthill College on 28th October. Please bring the same lively, energetic attitude.

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Monday nights

2010s & 2011s have adapted well to the new venue at George Watson’s. We have recently been working on defending. More specifically block tackle and poke tackle. It has been pleasing to see the players take what they have learnt into the fun tournament at the end and on the weekends. I have heard both age groups have been doing well in the fun weekend matches, keep it up! Every fourth week a few of the parent coaches in the 2011 age group have been taking a session. I must add they have been doing excellent J. The 2010s have been doing conditioned games the fourth week.  Starting very soon a few of the coaches are going to be taking a session and receive feedback and support from the Play2Learn coaches.

There will be a short break for October holidays on 16th and 23rd.


Play2Learn have enjoyed delivering sessions to the 7-a-side and 11-a-side goalkeepers on Monday evening. We have recently moved to the fantastic facility at Malleny.

We have been doing themed sessions working on different parts of goalkeeping each week.

The all-round goalkeeping of each player has improved leaps and bounds.

We will be complimenting the already strong aspects of the goalkeepers by working on parts that require a little bit of extra support over the next few weeks.

The goalkeeping sessions always finish with a competition where the stand on player receives an award.

This is definitely one of coach Lewis’ favourite sessions.

Keep up all the good work boys, well doneJ


Play2Learn have a fun action-packed camp on this October at Harrison Pk. All Currie Star kids are entitled to 10% off J However, spaces are filling up fast. I have attached all information and a booking form.

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