Message from the Chairman - John Brock

Well, another season ends as the boys look forward to their summer holidays.  Hopefully all players, coaches and parents get time away and enjoy their summer breaks.

I have been coaching at Currie Star for 12 years and my own year group, the 2001's, now end their time with the Club and move on.  Gary and David will still run the 2001 Colts for one last year.  I have worked with so many fantastic people over the years, both coaches and players, far too many to mention.  But the journey has been wonderful.  Two trips to Gothia, one down to Huddersfield for a tournament we won, as well as league and cup wins.  But more importantly is the development of so many players during that time. It truly has been a wonderful journey and one I will look back on it with great pride in years to come.

Currie Star is a wonderful Club with so many good people.  We want kids to enjoy their football and the experience so they grow up into good citizens in society.  That is our aim. Now I’m coming to the end of that journey I would like to thank all the coaches I worked with who supported me.  Because without you and the support you gave me, it would not have happened.  You all know who you are.  So from me to you... sincere thanks.

And on that note, I will hang up my Currie Star coaching jackets for the last time... but will continue with the Chairman role as we have a lot of things we still want to achieve!!

Have a great summer and we will see everyone back in August.

2001 U19's - Edinburgh City Star Farewell

Well, that’s the end of the road for 2001.  Most of the boys will either move to 20's or off to study at University away from Edinburgh.  I would like to think they will all look back on their journey with Currie Star and remember it with a smile.

We got into two cup finals this season - which unfortunately we lost - but that is life.  We ran the league winners right to the end so we’re happy with how the players continued to develop in our last season.

Ross Lowder and Ben Wilson both received their 10 year awards, which meant 5 players in total had been with this team for 10 or more years.  And another had been with us for 6. Great loyalty from the players which I’m very proud of.

In addition, Rory Hamilton has assisted me with the team for 11 years, so a massive thanks to Rory who is now going to enjoy his retirement on the golf course. We were the only coaches who took a team from football 4's right through to 19's and never a bad word between us - a strong duo.

Gary McDonald, head coach of our 2001 Colts team, is keeping going for one last year.  Gary has just received his 10 year award and has been a fantastic support to me over the years, Well done Gaz and thank you.

This year the team did not look like it was gong to happen due to low numbers.  However, we linked in with Edinburgh City, and merged both teams for the benefit of the boys to ensure they got to play one final season.  Wendy Anderson, Head of Youth at Edinburgh City has been absolutely brilliant to work with and I would like to credit her for all her support over the year.  This was a unique partnership and just shows that if people are willing to sit down and discuss options to keep players involved in the game, it can be achieved.

And finally, I would like to thank my wife, Carolyn, for supporting me over the many years.  Going out to training twice a week, football at the weekend, coaches phoning me, players phoning me, relentless emails.... it never stopped.  But she backed me the whole time.... and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I will sign off for one last time as the Head Coach of Currie Star 2001's.  To all the players, coaches and parents who have been part of the journey, I thank you. Hopefully you have all enjoyed it as much as I have.  Coach Brock.

2001 Colts U19's - Mixed Season

We had a good spell of games pre-Christmas playing some great football but struggled to regain that form after with lacking consistency and failing to play to their ability.  We’ve finished just below mid table in the League and (in what turned out to be our last game) the season ended abruptly as we crashed out of the League Cup in the group stages losing in a disappointing manner.  We’ve a number of boys leaving the Club now and to end like that it was disappointing for them and us - but that’s life.  The step up from 17s to 19s is tough as you can find yourself playing against teams with players a year older than you, more physical and perhaps a bit more street wise too.  A huge learning curve and as we move forward into the second season at 19s with older boys and hopefully stronger than some of the opponents we might meet.

As mentioned we lose some boys due to being too old and also wanting to do other things.  We say goodbye to Daniel Dormer, Charlie McGrane, Ryan Tilbrook, Kyle Valentine and Jason Traynor who were second year 19s - good luck and thanks to them all.  We are losing Patryk Grzonkowski, Thomas Sweeney and Oli Couts to university and college with Oli heading to Texas, USA to take up a soccer scholarship with Coastal Bend College.  We thank them for their time with the Club and wish them every success in their studies.  Cammy Lawrie and Jakub Odolczyk leave us too, Cammy having completed 13 years with the Club which is an amazing achievement.  Good luck to them both.

Next season we’ve 8 players from the current squad and have 8 new signing.  4 have come up from the under 17s - Emilio Martone, Andy Inglis, Ben McLellan and Reece Cockburn, we welcome 2 former players back to Currie Star (Luis Munro and Owen Gardner) and 2 new boys to the Club - Ryan Galloway and Brandon McCutcheon.  We look forward to working with the boys getting ready for the new season.  We hope to sign another 3-4 players to help give us depth in the squad to cover injuries and other absences which will occur as the season progresses.  It’ll be our last season and we hope to end on a high.  It will be a sad day when it comes but let’s enjoy this season.

At our end of season awards we combined it with the Champions League Final and a great night.  We had 2 sweepstakes running for the game but sadly they paid out within 2 minutes with Liverpool converting their early penalty!  We handed out our usual awards and also some long service awards on the night.  Cami Littlejohn was our top scorer again for the 4th year in a row with 14 goals this season, Jakub Odolczyk received the Players Player of the Year vote from his team-mates and there were joint winners of the Managers Player of the Year with Thomas Sweeney and Ryan Tilbrook receiving that award.  Cami Littlejohn received his 5 year award and Blair McDonald and Andrew Treschman received their 10 year awards.  Congratulations to all the winners and well deserved and their pictures are appended below.

Thanks also must go to the parents for their touchline support.  I know they share our frustrations at times but their support is unwavering and we appreciate that.

That’s it for another season.  Gary and I have taken June off to charge the batteries ready to come back in July for pre-season training to get the boys ready for the start of the League campaign in August.  Fitness is absolutely key to success (games are won and lost in the final segment of the game) and our training will balance fitness with ball drills to ensure they are in the best position to get off to a good start.  I wish all the coaches, parents and players a great summer and good luck in the new season.  Coaches David & Gary.

2002 U17's - Our final season

The 2002 team won't be continuing next season - thanks to all players for their efforts over the previous years.

Coaches player - Sandy Bendle
Players player - Dylan Harrison
Most Improved - Niall Dance
Top Scorer - Jamie Phayre
5 year awards - Fraser Caldwell
10 year awards - Ben McLellan, Dave McLellan

Congratulations to all the winners.    Coach McLellan.

Message from Honduras 

My name is Hector.  I’ve been spending the last year teaching English in Honduras.  Working and living here has been an eye-opening experience; teaching in a new language, meeting people from completely different cultural backgrounds, and just living day-to-day in a new environment that is very distinct from Edinburgh.

Recently I was gifted with football strips by CSFC, a hugely generous donation that will go far here, many thanks to John Brock. The kids are absolutely football-crazy, as with most Latin American Countries, but they play most of their games in worn down strips, some not even playing in shoes. Having presented the school headmistress with the strips, the reaction was amazing, these people are so grateful to have something that has so much value and use for them. This donation has gone far, and on behalf of the school here in Punta Gorda, Honduras, we would like to say ¡Muchas Gracias!

2003 U16's

The boys played over 30 games this season as U16s and have just had their presentation night at Weatherspoons in Livingston, boys were fed and watered.
Top goal scorer - Josh I'Anson
Players player - Sam Kenyon
Coaches player - Sam Kenyon
Most improved - Jak Gardiner

Image shows Josh and Sam.  Most boys are moving up to u17s next season and games will now be played on a Saturday, we're in Division 2, where there are 18 teams in our league. Coach Dracup.

2004 U15’s – finished 2nd in the League

We’ve completed a very successful Div 4 league campaign finishing 2nd by 5 points to Gullane Athletic to add to our strong showing, having reached the quarter finals of the cross division Federation of Hearts Supporters’ Cup. Our league “stats” were P24, W18, D2, L4, moving from 4th to 2nd with good wins over the last few weeks of the season. Improved fitness proved critical as squad numbers diminished through the season and coupled with the boys playing controlled, possession football, it is testament to the efforts of my fellow coaches, Alan Forman and Mike Fitzgerald.

Alan collected his 5 year award, as did players Calum Forman and Ross McKinlay at our end of season awards which was shared with the 2004 Colts at Craigmillar Park Bowling Club. We have a few boys leaving us now to focus on other sports and it was clear for some that lawn bowls could be their sport of choice!  The following awards were also presented:

Top Goal Scorer  Alex Backler
Players’ Player  Alex Backler
Coaches’ Player  Thomas Luff
Most Improved Player  Austin Bradshaw

2004 Colts U15’s – finished 2nd in the League

We finished a very respectable 7th. Division 3 is a very competitive league with some very good teams and it is testament to where we have come as a team that we have been competitive in all our games.  My fellow coaches, David Lamont and Jason King have been trying to instil belief in the players ability and for them to be brave, take risks in possession and to pass and move.  The players have embraced this and it has been a pleasure to watch them develop into a good footballing team.

We recently held our awards evening with 2004s FC. This was a great evening with all players enjoying pizza and having a game of Bowls.  The following awards were given – well done!

Top goalscorer  - Ben Smyth
Players Player   -  Josh Templeton
Most Improved  - Chris Ramsay
Coaches Player -  Cameron Lamont
5 year award      - Santosh Rowe 

Finally, the entire FC and Colts’ squads would like to extend their sincerest thanks to Liz Shand who has been both the year group and dedicated FC administrator for 8 years now and is hanging up her “admin boots”. Liz has been a huge support to all the coaches, players and parents.  She was key to making our 2017 trip to Gothia such a success and will be a very hard act to follow!  2004 Coaches

2005 U14’s – Competitive but struggled to score!

That’s the end of another season and it’s fair to say that it was a tough old gig. The boys won 7 of their 32 fixtures but that bare statistic fails to tell the full story. The team was competitive in all games and suffered a number of narrow defeats, profligacy in front of goal being the main culprit. We finished in the second half of Division 2 league table.

There is a good team spirit however and everybody has expressed a desire to continue at U15 level next year. We look forward to doing it all again in August!

As usual a big thank to all the boys for the effort and commitment throughout the year and to all the parents for their support in getting boys around the country and to training.

We held our successful Awards night at Meggetland.  A fun-filled night which was capped off by Alex’s now legendary sports quiz.  Sean Laird, Fraser Gourlay, Luke Sibson and Angus Moran were given their 5 year award and a big congratulations to  the following winners

Top goalscorer  - Ali Aitken
Players Player   -  Fraser Gourlay
Most Improved  - Ben Lambert
Coaches Player -  Fraser Gourlay

2005 Colts U14’s – Tough Season

It’s been a tough season for the 05 Colts in Division 4 in both the League and the Cups.  We started last August with hope and confidence after a decent first year in 11s but from the get-go we were not firing on all cylinders. After a few lackluster performances we were stuck in a rut and by Christmas it was not looking good.  However, after Christmas we changed our tactics and began to believe in ourselves more.  We began playing as a team - working with, not against, each other.  We did not win every game, but the performances were definitely improving. Our turning point was in early February where we beat Earlston 3-2, but we also created a load of other chances hitting the woodwork on another 3 occasions.  It could easily have been 6-2! We won our final game of the season against Newtongrange 5-2 – and they had previously beaten us 4-2. 

We move forward with a fresh start and look forward to the new season.  It’s not all about winning, but we’ve proved that we can beat any opposition on our day.

We share our end of season dinner with the other 2005s team. Fraser Mundy, Callum Boe and Jamie Goodbrand were given their 5 year award. Well done to our trophy winners:

Top goalscorer  - Cormac O’Brien
Players Player   -  Max Grigor
Most Improved  - Fraser Munday
Coaches Player -  Liam Burt.

2006 U13’s – 1st 11's Season with 4 teams in each division

As summer is upon us it's that time when we reflect and look back at what worked well in our first year and what we want to improve on. We have entered 4 teams again into the 4 SERYFA leagues - one in each division.

We finished the season on a high with our activity day at Kingsknowe. Once again we were blessed with good weather. We handed out our awards for top goalscorer, most improved player, coaches player and players player. In our Div 1 team these awards went to - Max MacKay, Euan Dunlop, Adam Phayre and Finlay Smith. In our Div 2 team these awards went to Bishr Ibrahim, Noah Stuckey, Ethan Cole and Matthew Teague. In our Div 3 team these awards went to - Hayden Leitch, JJ Burns, Jacob Harron and Leo Stark. Finally in our Div 4 team tese awards went to - Luke Westmoreland, Sean Mouat, Alexander Dey and Cole O'Reilly.

Well done to all. We also had another 14 x 5 year award winners. That takes us past the 30 mark for our age group which I think is a great reflection on the loyalty of the boys. We hope everyone enjoys the summer break and we wish the 07's every success in their first season at 11’s.  06's Coaches

2008 U11's  - What a year!

I hope we can all agree it has been a great year for all the boys.  In the last 12 months highlights have included the 2018 Champions league final party (did I mention I was there this year!), half time heroes for the Edinburgh derby, our trip to Ayr, and the Christmas party. Even though we didn’t get the promised t shirts, going viral with nearly 40k views of the boys doing the robot in honour of #thatpetercrouchpodcast isn’t too bad either! Whilst I have said numerous times we aren’t interested in results, I am extremely pleased the Bonaly Primary school team, with 7 Currie Star 2008s in their line-up, won the school board cup.

Many of you will already know that I have decided it is now time for me to step down as Head Coach for the year group. I feel I have taken the group as far as I can and that it needs a different person at the helm as we move through nine a side into competitive football at 11 a side. I’m very pleased that Kieren has agreed to take over in my place. Supported by Heather as the team secretary, Gill on fundraising, all the coaches, and with you as parents, I’m sure we’ll go from strength to strength. I’m still going to help with the coaching, so I’m not disappearing completely, but I’m also going to take my referees badges to see if that is any fun. A fuller message including plans for next year will be put on our facebook page.

On the cusp of their teenage years they are a wonderful group, who I am proud to have known - some since they were five or six years old at the Saturday morning football with Play2learn. I’m honoured to have been allowed to be a part of their lives.  Thanks again, it’s been great. Coach Ewan.

2009 U10's  - Enjoying 7's

The 2009s continue to flourish while playing their 2nd season of 7s. We continue to see real development amongst the boys and the teams have really holding their own in their respective levels. What is most encouraging is how we hear from a variety of sources about how our boys constantly try to football the right way and in the right spirit.

A group of the players recently had the opportunity to play in a PlayTheGame Expo, ran by Hearts Community on the Tynecastle pitch. A real enjoyable experience for those lucky enough.  We look forward to the summer to allow everyone to recharge their batteries and come back after a well earned break, then hopefully pick up from where we've left off.  Coach Rob

2011 U8's - Great Transition from 4's to 5's

It has been a good year for the 2011s and has been great to watch the kids develop. The transition from 4s to 5s has been good and some of the boys are enjoying the goalkeeping role. This is being developed by the goalkeeper training which several of the boys have started and are thoroughly enjoying. 

We finished the season with a tournament at Spartans which was excellent. The sun was shining and was a great way to finish the year.  

A huge thanks to Play2Learn for everything they do in relation to the Monday night training and for the guidance and support they give the coaches during the parent led sessions. Thanks to all the coaches for their hard work and for the support from all the parents, even during the wet Sunday mornings we have experienced.

Looking forward to next season and to the 2011s enjoying their football journey further. Coach Gary

2012 U7's - Now at full capacity

Over a few short months 2012’s squad has reached full capacity with a growing waiting list and its fair to say that we have a really keen bunch of players with high levels of attendance at both training and games.

Fun4’s at Royal High School have been running now since March and the boys have adapted really well to the playing environment and the different game styles. A full squad rota system will come into effect in the new season to ensure that all players get equal playing time. Some players have had the opportunity to play at organised football festivals by both Hearts and Hibs which were great fun and great experience playing with teams from across the country. More opportunities will arise in the new season and everyone will be given the opportunity to get involved.

Play2Learn continue to coach both players and coaches at Monday night training sessions which the boys really enjoy. Coaches are now getting more involved week by week and going forward they will be leading sessions as well as assisting.

We are pleased to report that we have secured further sponsorship for the team allowing us to purchase a full set of training tops. We still hope to obtain further sponsorship which will allow us to complete the set. Please get in touch if you can help in any way.  We would like to wish everyone a great summer and look forward to welcoming you back in August. Coach Torquil

Play2Learn Partnership

Play2Learn and Currie Star partnership continues to flourish. Our foundation programmes are sustaining high numbers and developing players who will continue to represent the club at all the age groups.

During these sessions parents are mentored by Play2Learn. This has proven to be a huge success, and will prepare the parent coaches for their future involvement in the older age groups.

P2L Summer Football Camps can be found here.

Thanks, as always, must go to all our
partners, sponsors, parents, coaches and supporters
who make it all possible through their support and hard work.
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